A Children’s Birthday Bash With A Splash

A Children’s Birthday Bash With A Splash

Make your animal keeper dreams come true as you and your friends get a chance to handle creepy-crawlies.

You can look forward to a fabulous time.

First you and your friends will receive a visit from the Rainforest’s Creepy-Crawly Cart and its cool creatures, before enjoying a really close encounter with snakes, spiders and high-jumping grasshoppers. You and your friends will also be invited to serve dinner to the ferocious meat-eating fish and sharks in the Blå Planet’s aquariums. You will get to discover the Aquarium’s secret feeding corridors.

Time and Duration

You can hold the event during the following time periods:
Weekends from 10.30 am to 11.45.

After the activities you are free to explore the amazing aquariums on your own.

Suggestions for a children’s birthday party during a weekend

  • Arrival, welcomed by the two mascots, Hiccup and Splash
  • A visit by the Creepy-Crawly Cart and a snake
  • Feeding fish in the Rainforest and Ocean

Please note: given that we are working with live creatures, we reserve the right to make changes to the programme.

Numbers and Price

Max. 25 children and max. 5 adults
DKK 195 per child (minimum payment for 10 children).
Adults: regular ticket price or season ticket.


Max. 25 children under the age of 15.
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For further information

Email: booking@denblaaplanet.dk
Tel.: (+45) 44 22 22 44