The parking at Den Blå Planet uses automatic license plate registration. There are cameras placed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, that photograph the vehicles license plate. The parking time is then based on that time interval.

You can pay in three different ways:

  • Via the payment machine: when you arrive at Den Blå Planet, you do not need to do anything. The parking will start automatically, and all you have to do is pay in one of the payment machines, before leaving. The parking will be registered on your vehicles registration number. If you forget to pay, there will be an additional fine of 400kr per day, as stated on the signage throughout the parking lot. However, if you pay within 48 hours of your visit, the fine will be annulled. You can do that here.
  • Via the parking app APCOA FLOW: if you already have installed the app and registered your vehicle as your favorite car and added a payment method, you do not need to do anything when driving in and out. Your parking will start and stop automatically and payment will be drawn automatically.

If you have any questions for APCOA, you can reach them here.

FAQ about parking at Den Blå Planet

How much does it cost to park at Den Blå Planet?
How does the automatic license plate registration work?
Is there anything I should do when leaving the parking lot?
What do I do, if I do not remember my license plate number?
What should I do, if the registration of my license plate doesn’t work?
I’ve already paid, but I would like to stay a little longer than I expected, what do I do?
What should I do, if the parking has continued even though I have left the parking lot?
I forgot to pay, what do I do?
I can’t find my parking when I search for my license plate number on the website?
I am parking my motorcycle. What do I need to be aware of?
I have a disabled card, what do I do?
I have received an invoice, where can I complain?


Electric cars

There are two charging stations on the parking lot that can charge up to 22 kW. The stations are delivered and run by the charging operator Sperto. Everybody can charge for 2,50 DKKR/kWh without a set-up fee or a subscription. The nearest instructions are written by text and a QR code on the charging station.

Tourist Busses

Boarding and departing can happen in front of Den Blå Planet by the driveway to parking lot P2. Follow the signs. The parking of busses is not allowed on Den Blå Planets parking lot. There is parking at Amager Strandvej v/ Hedegårdsvej. See the map for Bus parking – Amager Strandvej.