Guided tours for groups

Take an exclusive group tour of Northern Europe’s largest and most spectacular aquarium. Now you can go behind the scenes for a uniquely unpredictable and exciting backstage tour. Choose between four group tours of the most remote corners of the aquarium.

Behind the scenes

Look beyond the aquarium glass, explore the basement and passages filled with technical installations and step out onto the feeding bridges. See the “secret” animals, which are enjoying life out of the limelight in the aquarium’s hidden halls as research animals or due to lack of space.

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A high-tech aquatic marvel


What does it take to keep thousands of gilled creatures from all over the world alive? Visit our engine room and learn about the high-tech world of aquarium technology that pumps life into Copenhagen’s 6-star fish hotel.

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The Sustainable Planet

Take a tour behind the scenes of Den Blå Planet, and learn about the consequences that climate change, pollution and environmental crises have on the oceans breath-taking animal kingdom.

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Once Upon a Sea

Have you ever experienced a Megalodon up close and personal? Even though it ruled the top of the food chain, it became extinct. But why? Join us on a tour through the ocean’s ancient history amongst the marine giants of the past, and learn all about the evolution of life.

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