Events and dinners

Get Northern Europe's largest aquarium to yourselves.

Experience Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark outside of opening hours and hold your event in front of beautiful aquariums in the company of steel-gray hammerhead sharks, elegant rays, and thousands of other fish from around the world, for example.

Get magical experiences
Den Blå Planet stages both large and small events for the business world with up to 1000 guests and small exclusive fine dining events in the aquarium’s magical setting. The possibilities are many. This is what our customers say:

“Struers ApS recently held an event for 260 people at Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark with great success! The surroundings are completely unique and create an atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else when you sit and eat right next to the beautiful aquariums. Den Blå Planet delivered an extremely tasty menu and a service that made everything work seamlessly. We have only received positive feedback regarding the event and can highly recommend Den Blå Planet.”

Gitte Hölmich Poulsen, Administrative Coordinator, Struers ApS.

Examples of events:

  • Breakfast meeting
  • Gala party
  • Reception
  • Company party
  • After-work event
  • Christmas lunch

In short, the possibilities are many, so contact us at the email or phone number below and hear how we can make your next party unique.

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