From ocean to plate

From ocean to plate

Our oceans are threatened by climate change and overfishing. Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark, wants to highlight the challenges and potential solutions, and we have therefore we started a collaboration with Gårdsfisk.

Gårdsfisk is a Swedish producer of climate-friendly fish farmed on land in an integrated water and farming system.

The fish live indoors and produce nutrients for the fields. The fish waste products become fertilizer, and the water is used to irrigate the fields.

Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African sharptooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fry are hatched on the farm.

The benefits of breeding these two fish species are:

  • They are omnivorous and do not need to eat other fish.
  • They are hardy and require no medication.
  • They thrive in shoals and are therefore suitable for breeding.
  • The water from their tanks can be used directly in farming as they are freshwater fish.

If we allow the fish to remain in the ocean, we allow the fish population to grow and thus help restore the ocean’s balance.

Try Plankton’s climate smart burger

We have decided to remove Café Plankton’s most popular dish – the veal burger. Now you can try Plankton’s climate smart burger instead. The patty in the burger is made from minced Clarias meat, and it tastes really good, if we do say so ourselves.

Fish is rich in protein and lower in saturated fat compared to other meat. It also has fewer carbon emissions.

By eating Plankton’s climate smart burger instead of a traditional beef burger, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Instead of 1 beef burger, you can eat more than 13 climate smart burgers for the same amount of carbon emissions.

Our talented kitchen staff have conjured up three dishes for the menu using Tilapia and Clarias as the main ingredients. The idea was to make it easy to choose the most climate-friendly dish, so three “classics” from the café kitchen have been reinvented using climate-friendly farmed fish to replace the meat.

Plankton’s climate smart burger

Minced Clarias meat in an organic buttermilk burger bun. Served with homemade tomato relish made from organic tomatoes, homemade mild organic chili mayonnaise, organic lettuce, tomato and French fries.

Tagliatelle with tomato sauce and Clarias mince balls

The organic homemade tomato sauce has been simmered at length on a low heat, allowing the flavour of the sun-ripened tomatoes to come through in this child-friendly classic.

Open sandwiches with fried tilapia

Served on organic rye bread, with smoked sour cream, organic gem lettuce, frisée lettuce, cucumber, chives, red onion, radishes and raw egg yolk.