Exhibition and Tasting Experience in One

Exhibition and Tasting Experience in One

For the first time ever, our three departments – Education, Animal Department, and Café Plankton – are collaborating on a unique project: From Ocean to Plate, an initiative focused on climate-friendly alternatives and maintaining a balanced ocean.

Our oceans are threatened by overfishing. That’s why Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark has partnered with Gårdsfisk, a Swedish producer of climate-friendly fish farmed on land. Fish like Nile tilapia and African catfish (clarias) are raised in an integrated system where their waste products are used as fertilizer and irrigation for crops.

By eating farmed fish, we help restore the balance of the ocean.

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Try Café Plankton’s climate smart dishes

We have replaced our popular veal burger with Plankton’s climate smart burger, made from clarias meat. Fish are rich in protein and have a lower CO2 footprint than other meats. A beef burger is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of over 13 climate-smart burgers.

New dishes on the menu:

Plankton’s climate smart burger: Minced Clarias meat in an organic buttermilk burger bun. Served with homemade tomato relish made from organic tomatoes, homemade mild organic chili mayonnaise, organic lettuce, tomato and French fries.

Tagliatelle with tomato sauce and Clarias mince balls: The organic homemade tomato sauce has been simmered at length on a low heat, allowing the flavour of the sun-ripened tomatoes to come through in this child-friendly classic.

Open sandwiches with fried tilapia: Served on organic rye bread, with smoked sour cream, organic gem lettuce, frisée lettuce, cucumber, chives, red onion, radishes and raw egg yolk.

Come and taste our delicious climate-friendly dishes and support the wild fish populations.