Disabled access

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is accessible for visitors with reduced functional capacity.

Most indoor and outdoor areas feature level access with firm and even floor surfaces, wide doors and sufficient passageway and turning widths.

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is a member of The Accessibility Label Scheme. For more information on accessibility at National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, visit www.godadgang.dk.

There are a few places where there is not wheelchair or disabled access. These areas are the indoor viewpoint for the otter exhibit (aquarium 13), the bridge at the Tropical Touch Pool (aquarium 42), the Pontoon Bridge, the bridge by the Wondrous Water Hole, the Rainforest Pathway and the doctor fish at the Historic exhibit. However, besides the Rainforest Pathway, the Pontoon Bridge, and the doctor fish, you will still have the same experience, just from a different area. For example, the Tropical Touch Pool is wheelchair accessible, it is just not possible to get unto the bridge.


National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet offers parking facilities for private vehicles and buses with the disabled sign.

There are 10 disabled parking spaces. The spaces are located as close as possible to the entrance.

The cost is DKK 14 per hour to park in the disabled spaces for the first 4 hours. After 4 hours the price is 17 DKK per hour.


All indoor and outdoor areas feature level access with firm and even floor surfaces.

The main entrance can be accessed by wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility at the specially marked entrance near the ticket desk.

All emergency exits and escape routes can be utilised by wheelchair users.

Furnishings such as tables and digital screens are at suitable heights for wheelchair users.

Borrow a wheelchair

We have wheelchairs available for use at the aquarium.

Ensure that a wheelchair is available when you need it and make your no-charge reservation no later than the day prior to your visit by calling: +45 44 22 22 44 (11.00-17.00 on weekdays and 11.00-13.00 on weekends) or send us a mail at info@denblaaplanet.dk.

Platform lift

Some of the exhibits at National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet have platform lifts with a lifting capacity of up to 410 kg.

Platform lifts are found by The Ocean, The Amazon and The Faroese Bird Cliff exhibits.

Services for the hearing impaired

Mounted telecoils are installed at The Ocean, The Coral Reef, The Faroese Bird Cliff and The Lakes of Africa exhibits.


There are two public toilets located on the ground floor and one toilet is located on the second floor.

Three of the toilets are disabled-friendly with sufficient passageway and turning widths.

Please ask aquarium staff or at the ticket desk for additional information.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

All indoor areas atNational Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet have been designed using contrasting colours to facilitate orientation by blind and visually impaired visitors.

The aquarium is equipped with tactile relief maps at the entrance and throughout the exhibits to assist such visitors.

The aquarium features large animal icons that direct visitors to central experiences such as The Ocean and The Bird Cliff.

Visually impaired visitors may borrow a Victor Stream player or an SD card which provides audio information about each aquarium. For more information, ask aquarium staff at the entrance.

Visitors will also find high-contrast signage with large print explaining each exhibit.

It is recommended that visually impaired visitors are accompanied by a companion/carer or use a cane because of the lighting designed to resemble that found below the ocean’s surface.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome inside the aquarium except in the rainforest due to stress level and the danger of infections.


The Auditorium and School Services area are located on the second floor and can be accessed by an elevator with sufficient passageway and turning widths.

You can request an overview map at the ticket desk or from aquarium staff.


In addition to the elevator, the second floor can also be accessed by a staircase.

The staircase has banisters and its first and last steps are marked with detectable warning surfaces. The staircase also features step nosing covers to increase visitor safety.

Rest areas

The aquarium has a number of centrally located rest areas.

Please ask aquarium staff or at the ticket desk for an overview map or for more detailed directions.