Splash, slosh, slide. Experience Den Blå Planet outdoors, too! Explore the Wondrous Pond, the pontoon bridge and the water playground. Loads of fun for landlubbers of all ages.

Fond of the Pond

DetVildeVandhulNothing compares to children exploring life in a pond. An enchanting microworld filled with tiny living creatures – it’s like peering into a strange new universe. In our brand new pond, the Wondrous Pond, you can go exploring with a fishing net and magnifying glass. You might even catch a great diving beetle larva, a beastly underwater vampire that sucks out the insides of its prey, or a caddisfly larvae, which wanders about carrying its house on its back.

Please note that the Wondrous Pond is only open on weekends between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Water Playground – Fun and games for landlubbers of all ages

Vandlegeplads 8Jump, splash, slide and slosh. Try Den Blå Planet’s water playground, with fun and games for landlubbers of all ages.

The water playground is designed to promote physical activity and cooperation. Den Blå Planet now has a large area where everyone can have fun learning about water through physical activity and cooperation. For instance, you can try an Archimedes screw, a mechanical design that has been used since the 3rd century B.C. to pump water up from low-lying areas. So dive in and give the pumps and sluices all you’ve got. The fun is designed to keep splashing to a minimum. You can also play on the traditional playground with climbing frames, monkey bars and a slide.

Enjoy your coffee at the playground with the best view in Denmark

Vandlegeplads 4
When the weather is nice, there is a mini-café open near the playground, so you can get your coffee fix while enjoying the kids, the sun and the wonderful view of the Sound.