A high-tech aquatic marvel

“You get an amazing sense of the fine-tuned clockwork behind the National Aquarium”

Northern Europe’s largest and most spectacular aquarium buzzes, scintillates and surges with life. Seven million litres of water flow through the building in constant circulation between filters, pumps, aquariums and the Øresund. But what does it take to keep thousands of gilled creatures from all over the world alive? And can the entire system really be controlled by one technician on a sofa using an iPad?

Visit our machine room for answers and an in-depth introduction to the high-tech world of aquarium technology when the National Aquarium’s passionate storytellers pump life into Copenhagen’s giant 6-star fish hotel.

When: Every day all year round.
Duration: 75 minutes.
Capacity: max 25 people per group – groups above 25 people will be divided into smaller groups
Price: DKK 4500, – up to 15 people. Thereafter, DKK 250, – per person.
Language: This tour is offered in both Danish and English.
Booking: This tour must be booked at least one month in advance.

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