Family expansion in the Rainforest 🐦

Family expansion in the Rainforest 🐦

We simply can’t contain our excitement. Our lovely Victoria crowned pigeons, Victor and Victoria, have welcomed a chick. It has just left the nest and is now exploring the Rainforest on its own.

There are over 300 species of doves in the world, and the Victoria crowned pigeon is the largest among them. This pigeon boasts a distinctive feathered crown on its head and is named after the English queen, Victoria.

Unfortunately, the population of this beautiful bird is declining, and it is categorized as near-threatened. That’s why we are even more grateful for this addition to our family.

The chick is part of a breeding program designed to ensure the preservation of the species.

You can secure your ticket here if you’d like to see the chick. It’s hiding in the Rainforest. Please help us take care of our animals by walking quietly and enjoying their company.