Coast market

Coast market

Come to the coast market and paint your own marine animal made of plaster, or have your face painted.

Coast market with a spectacular view

All summer long, Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark presents a coast market with a view of the rich animal life and history of the Sound.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is situated on the very edge of the Sound’s sparkling waters and boasts an impressive view. To the south you can see the airport and the Øresund Bridge. To the east lies Saltholm, home to seals and thousands of sea birds. Looking north, you can see Copenhagen’s monuments in the form of the sea forts Flakfortet and Middelgrundsfortet, and in good weather Malmö pops up on the opposite coast with its landmarks the Turning Torso building and the now closed Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant.

Close to nature
The stage is set for a coast market with a spectacular view. The petting pools have been moved outside, giving visitors the opportunity to touch crabs, starfish and flatfish under the open skies and with nature just nearby.

You can also fish for crabs under the expert guidance of the aquarium’s storytellers. We have all of the equipment ready for you so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Face painting and plaster animals
Face painting is available for DKK 50 (DKK 40 if you have an Annual Pass) so you can get your face painted as a sea otter, hammerhead shark or another marine animal.

There is also a painting station where children and the young at heart can paint plaster animals in all the colours of the rainbow. Many plaster fish and marine animals will be made in advance for the occasion, and the aquarium storytellers are on hand to offer help and advice so that you can paint your fish or animal in exactly the colours you want. And naturally your creation is yours to take home.

Safari on the Sound
If you are interested in more stories about life and history of the area around Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark, you can venture out on a Safari on the Sound.

On four daily departures, the good ship “Sværd” (Sword) sails the Sound area, including past Saltholm, where you can see the seals and a wide range of birds. During the tour, you will hear tales of the eagles of Amager, the pirates of Dragør and the German ghost at the Flakfortet sea fort.

Have a great summer!