Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

With this Environmental Policy, Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark seeks to promote an overall sustainable development and to expose and maintain a sharp focus on key areas where we can minimise our environmental impact. At the same time, the National Aquarium Denmark seeks to motivate the individual employee to behave in an environmentally conscious manner. This Environmental Policy applies to all areas at the National Aquarium Denmark covered by Danish company registration number DK64050028.

See the Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark’s work with science and nature conservancy here.

Overriding environmental objectives

Efforts relating to the environment are a natural part of the National Aquarium Denmark’s activities and we continuously work to minimise our resource consumption, including limiting our emissions to the greatest possible extent while taking into consideration animal and human welfare.

The National Aquarium Denmark will achieve and maintain environmental certification in accordance with DS/EN ISO 14001 and, in the long term, the European Commission’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), thereby ensure a systematic approach in our environmental efforts and signalling an active environmental profile.

We adhere to a green purchasing policy and seek to continuously strengthen our purchasing of sustainable products.

We utilise the resources around us, for instance by collecting rainwater and piping in water from the Øresund for use in the aquariums and for cooling. We also minimise the waste water load by purifying and releasing water from our processes back into the Øresund.

The National Aquarium Denmark complies, at the very least, with current legislation and other voluntary requirements we have adopted.

As a value-based and culture-bearing institution, we will seek, through dissemination and education, to influence the environmental behaviour of our staff, guests and partners. We will also seek an open and positive dialogue with the public regarding the results of our environmental efforts.

This policy will be adhered to by incorporating targets into our strategic considerations and through educating our staff about and raising their awareness of the National Aquarium Denmark’s environmental profile. Our performance will be measurable through an environmental management system.

Environmental Targets 2017

  • An environmental optimisation report has been drawn up, and we will implement the recommendations from that report and further reduce our electricity consumption.
  • We use more Øresund water and less potable water.
  • We consume less salt when mixing saltwater, which means carbon savings in the form of reduced road transport.
  • We purchase district heating produced using biofuel through DONG Energy.