Did you know that an octopus has eight arms and nine brains? Download our new app, which includes an audiogiude, and get the most out of your visit.

Dive Under the Surface, and Into the World of Marine Life

Learn about marine animals

With Den Blå Planets app, you can get right to the bottom of the ocean and into the world of fish and other marine animals. You can find exciting information about all the animals living in Denmark’s largest aquarium, as well as the different environments they live in.

A Talk With Our Animals

Our animals may not be able to talk for themselves, but with our app you’ll get a chance to hear all about them. Our enthusiastic storytellers have recorded exciting tales all about the different aquariums, so you can listen to the app while you watch the animals.

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Aquarium Map

Find your way on the aquarium map! There are different zones for each section, making it easier to find your way and get the information you are looking for.

Today’s Schedule

Using Today’s Schedule, you can always keep up to date with what’s happening at Denmark’s largest aquarium. Welcome to Den Blå Planet!