Did you know that an octopus has eight arms and nine brains? Download our app, which includes an audiogiude, and get the most out of your visit.


Dive Under the Surface, and Into the World of Marine Life


Learn about sea animals
With the National Aquarium Denmark app you delve down under the surface and into the world of the fish. You’ll find interesting information about all the animals that live in Denmark’s biggest aquarium and about the different aquarium habitats they live in. Did you know for instance that sea snakes are amongst the most venomous of snakes and far more so than a cobra?

Aquarium map
On the aquarium map, you see where the zones and the aquariums are placed so that you may find your way easily and get the information you are looking for.

Digital annual passes
Add your and your family’s physical annual passes to the app so you can go completely digital. You can also renew and buy annual passes directly from the app.

Today’s programme
In today’s programme, you can see at any time what’s going on in Denmark’s largest aquarium. Welcome to the National Aquarium Denmark!