Planet Shark

The sharks are coming – see them up close at the National Aquarium Denmark!

Visit Planet Shark at the National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet and experience thousands of shark teeth, impressive gaping jawbones, prehistoric sharks on touch screens, shredded diving suits from real shark attacks and much more.

Wander through the amazing video gallery where we dive underwater and stand face to face with the sharks in their natural habitat. Experience the beautiful visual effects and not least the fascinating stories.

The Planet Shark exhibition features full-sized shark models, fossils, interesting objects and plenty of facts about sharks. You can also get a thrill from the video gallery’s in-depth and realistic portrayal of the deep-sea world of the sharks. And if you’re interested in live sharks, stop by the Ocean aquarium to see the beautiful hammerheads.

Our latest exhibition, “Planet Shark – Predator or Prey”, is an international exhibition about the world’s sharks, which has travelled to such exotic locations as Dubai, Atlanta and Sydney.
Come and experience the sharks’ universe up close and learn about these fascinating predators who have ruled the oceans for more than 450 million years. The exhibition will be open all summer from 18 June to 4 September.


A 450 million year old story
Join us on a journey to the sharks’ universe and hear about how these fascinating animals have evolved and the important role they play in the world’s oceans.

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A trip into a world of sharks
For more than 450 million years, sharks have ruled the oceans as the ultimate predator.
Meet the great white shark among an impressive gathering of other awe-inspiring sharks. See ferocious shark jawbones up close as well as an extraordinary collection of genuine shark teeth.

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Predator or Prey
Today there are more than 440 known species of shark, but for the first time in 450 million years, the shark is an endangered species.

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A story of fear
Are you afraid of sharks? Depictions of sharks in the media and in films like Jaws have contributed to the shark’s image as a deadly beast.

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