Close encounter with the sharks

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Close encounter with the sharks

Your heart may just skip a beat when you experience the speedy hammerhead sharks up close in the giant Ocean aquarium.

The Ocean aquarium at the National Aquarium Denmark contains 4 million litres of water and hundreds of sea creatures.
It is an unforgettable sight to go behind the scenes at the Ocean aquarium and behold:
– The hammerhead sharks patrolling their realm
– The elegant eagle rays gliding through the water
– The giant bass hovering like Zeppelins
– The metre-long moray eels jutting out from their coral caves on the seabed

The close encounter with the sharks starts with the story behind the big cities of the sea, the coral reefs, then goes on to debunk the myths and mysteries that surround sharks and provide a user manual for enormous saltwater aquariums.
Finally, the baton is passed on to you to direct the orchestra of sea creatures – in other words: you get to feed the sharks and other animals yourself.

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