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European perch

European perch



European crayfish

European crayfish




LatinSander lucioperca
Size120 cm
HabitatLakes, large streams and rivers

Least concern

LocationEurope and Asia

A ferocious predatory fish

At the top of the food chain you will find the zander. With its voracious appetite, it is famed for devouring large portions of other fish populations. It also has no qualms about eating members of its own species.

Hunts in the dark

The zander specialises in hunting in the dark. Its eye contains a special ‘organ’ that helps it to see its prey in weak light. The weak light also adds to the zander’s camouflage as it sneaks up on its prey.

Danish lake

Danish stream

Danish forest lake

Herrings in the Sound

Boulder reef in the Sound

Hideouts of the seabed

Sandy bottom

Eelgrass in the Sound

Faroese bird cliff


Reef in the Pacific Ocean

An ocean of plastic

The coast of the Pacific