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Xingú Royal Pleco

Xingú Royal Pleco


LatinPanaque cf. armbrusteri "Xingú" (L027)
Size40 cm
FoodCoatings on rocks and roots

Not evaluated

LocationXingú river and Iriri river in Brazil

Living in waterfalls

This species lives directly in the waterfalls of the Great Xingú River. Despite the strong current, this species can stick with its suction mouth to the rocks

Dam causing problems

While there are many gold nugget plecos in the Rio Xingú today, this can quickly change. In 2015, the large Belo Monte Dam was built. When an area is dammed, it changes the aquatic environment, which can make it uninhabitable for the fish.

Den Blå Planet participates

By 2015, our animal keeper Peter participated in an expedition to the Xingú River to map the fish species in the river before the dam began.