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Cardinal tetra

Cardinal tetra

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Neon tetra

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Green neon tetra

Iguazu Pleco

Iguazu Pleco

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Florida crayfish

Worm line peckoltia

Worm line peckoltia

Worm line peckoltia

Worm line peckoltia


LatinPeckoltia braueri (L121, L135, L305)
Size14 cm
FoodCoatings on roots and rocks.

Not evaluated

LocationGuyana and Brazil.

A good helper

The worm line peckoltia is a very useful fish, because it eats the algae on the aquarium glass and decorations. This helps our aquarists to keep the aquarium looking nice.


When a new pleco is discovered, it is assigned an L-number. The L stands for Loricariidae, the Latin name for the suckermouth catfish family. Later, once the species has been classified scientifically, it may end up designated with several numbers if the scientist discovers that the same species has been assigned different L-numbers. The clown pleco has three L-numbers.



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