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Warty stonefish

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White-spotted bullhead shark

White-spotted bullhead shark


LatinHeterodontus ramalheira
Size83 cm
HabitatNear the seabed at 40-305 meters depth

Data deficient

LocationEast coast of Africa up to the Arabian Peninsula.

A ‘horned’ shark

The whitespotted bullhead shark can be recognised by its small horn, which it has by its dorsal fins. The horns are believed to be poisonous and help the shark against attack.

A global sensation

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is the first aquarium in the world to exhibit the rare whitespotted bullhead shark. We still know very little about this shark. That is why we are delighted to present it in our exhibition.

Best in deep water

Unlike other bullhead sharks, the whitespotted bullhead shark leads a dark life far below the surface of the ocean at a depth between 40 and 305 metres.

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