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Warty comb jelly

Warty comb jelly


LatinMnemiopsis leidyi
Size10 cm
HabitatAlong the shores

Least concern

LocationWestern Pacific, The North sea, Baltic sea, Black sea, Caspian sea and Mediterranean sea


The warty comb jelly has two patches around the mouth to catch prey with. When it is swimming it turns the mouth upwards. It is not fussy and eats fish fry, fish eggs, mussel larvae, copepods and zooplankton.

Harmful to fish

The warty comb jelly lives naturally along the US East Coast. It is also now found in Europe and Asia. In the 1980s the warty comb jelly was the reason for collapse of the fisheries in the Black Sea. It ate all the zooplankton - the fish food - but also fish eggs and larvae.

Doing fine in Denmark

Although the water in Denmark is too cold during the winter for the warty comb jelly to survive, it emerges year after year. Scientists do not know why. Perhaps it hibernates in the deep water where it is warmer or every year a new stock arrives.

Natural enemies

For several years the scientists have feared that the warty comb jelly would threaten the Danish fishing, as it happened with the fisheries in the Black Sea. But it now turns out that the eastern american melon jellyfish - which is the warty comb jelly’s enemy - now also has shown up in Danish waters.