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Round goby

Round goby

Two-spotted goby

Two-spotted goby

Two-spotted goby

Two-spotted goby


LatinGobiusculus flavescens
Size6 cm
FoodZooplankton and small crustaceans
HabitatSeaweed meadows

Not evaluated

LocationNortheast Atlantic

Get to know the two-spotted goby

The two-spotted goby is a small fish with a broad head and large pectoral fins. It has black spots on its tail fin and sides. The side spots can be difficult to see because they are hidden by the pectoral fin.

Live fast, die young

The two-spotted goby spawns during the summer. The female attaches her eggs to brown algae, stones or piles. The male guards the eggs for 10 days, and then they hatch. After spawning, the adult fish die. The two-spotted goby is sexually mature at 1 year and lives to be 2 years old.

Meet a two-spotted goby in the wild

You can see the two-spotted goby throughout Danish waters, for example in marinas. It swims at the surface in small shoals or rests among the aquatic plants. You'll have to keep your eyes open because the two-spotted goby is very well camouflaged.


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