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Snow Pleco

Snow Pleco


LatinPterygoplichthys disjunctivus
Size42 cm
FoodBottom-living animals and algae
HabitatRivers and lakes

Not evaluated

LocationParaguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

An important fish

The snow pleco is rarely found in aquariums, but it is quite common in nature. This fish is a vital source of food for poor people in Paraguay and Argentina.

Window washer

Like other suckermouth catfish, it eats algae on rocks using powerful teeth attached to its lips. If you’re lucky, you might see it sucking on the glass and eating algae.

Not always welcome

The snow pleco comes from South America, but it has been spread to other countries by humans. In places where it does not belong, the pleco is harmful to some of the animals in those areas.

Every time animals are released in an area outside their native habitat, it can have serious consequences for the animals that live naturally in that area. It can even cause other species to die out.

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