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Sea cucumber

Sea cucumber


LatinHolothuroidea sp.

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Get to know the sea cucumber

The sea cucumber is long and shaped like a thick worm. The mouth is surrounded by a ring of tentacles. The anus is located in the hind part of the sea cucumber. The sea cucumber is between 10-30 cm in length. Some sea cucumber can become up to 1 meter long. There are 500 different species of sea cucumber.

Fits in everywhere

The sea cucumber has the unique ability to change the shape of its body. If it wants to get into a crevice that it is too large for, it can make itself completely soft, allowing it to glide into the crevice. It then makes itself completely rigid so it doesn't fall back out.

Breathes with its anus

The sea cucumber has a pair of 'respiratory trees' that branch off the cloaca just inside the anus. When the sea cucumber breathes, it draws water in through the anus and expels it the same way. You could say that the sea cucumber breathes through its bottom.

A unique defence

If the sea cucumber is attacked by an enemy, it defends itself by confusing the enemy. The sea cucumber ejects its entrails through the anus in self-defence. It later grows them back again. Some sea cucumbers merely expel toxins at their enemies.

Meet a sea cucumber in the wild

Sea cucumbers are not commonly seen in Danish waters. They often live at depths near the sea floor. This makes it difficult to encounter them.