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Big-belly seahorse

Round goby

Round goby

Round goby

Round goby


LatinNeogobius melanostomus
Size25 cm
FoodSmall fish, crustaceans and insects
HabitatLakes, rivers and the ocean along the coasts

Least concern

LocationThe Black Sea and the Caspian Sea

Get to know the round goby

The round goby has a broad head and large pectoral fins that it uses for support when it lies on the bottom. The fish is grey-beige with black and brown markings, and during spawning season the male is almost completely black in colour.

An invasive fish

The round goby was originally native to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. But in 2009-2010, huge stocks of round goby were observed in Danish waters. It is not known how this will affect Danish fish such as flounder, eel and prawns. It is thought that the round goby arrived here in ballast water in ships.

If you can't beat them - eat them

That's the recommendation from the Nature Agency. The round goby is almost impossible to control because no fishing method exists to catch only round goby. On the other hand, it is quite tasty. So one way to control round goby is to put it on the menu.

Catch a round goby

You can catch round goby in Southern Zealand near Guldborgsund, but also in Sørup River on Falster. Use shrimp nets, fishing nets, traps or a simple hook with bait such as worms or prawns.

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