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Warty stonefish

Warty stonefish

Blackspotted puffer

Blackspotted puffer

Red lionfish

Red lionfish

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Brownbanded bambooshark

Orange-dotted tuskfish

Orange-dotted tuskfish

Red lionfish

Red lionfish


LatinPterois volitans
Size40 cm
FoodFish and small crustaceans
HabitatLagoons and reefs

Not evaluated

LocationWestern Pacific Ocean

Warning colours

With its beautiful red-brown and white colouration, the red lionfish warns potential predators that it is poisonous. And if they come too close, the red lionfish defends itself with its long, venomous spines.

Uses its fins as a net

The red lionfish hunts for food in the coral reef. It corners its prey with its long pectoral fins and sucks it in by sliding its jaws forward.

Dancing male

The male red lionfish attracts the female by dancing and waving its fins. If the female is impressed, her head turns entirely white. The female lays 15,000 eggs in a gelatinous egg capsule, which the male fertilises. The eggs float and drift away from the coral reef, and in a few days they hatch.

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