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Blind cave fish

Blind cave fish

Parana Pinecone Pleco

Parana Pinecone Pleco

Parana Pinecone Pleco

Parana Pinecone Pleco


LatinRhinelepis strigosa
Size42 cm
FoodAlgae growing on rocks and plant remains

Not evaluated

LocationParaguay, Uruguay and Argentina. The river Paraná

An ancient fish

The Parana pinecone pleco is an extremely rare prehistoric fish and one of the first pleco species to come into existence. It has a large gill opening with many barbs – a more primitive form than later species.

Well protected

The pinecone pleco is covered by thick bone plates, which is one of the explanations for its excellent ability to survive in South America. The armour protects it from predators.

A rare sight

The National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is one of the only public aquariums in the world to have this particular species of pleco. They prefer to hide in caves, which is why we have placed roots in the aquarium. If you look carefully, you might just catch a glimpse of one.

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