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Northern Sea otter

Northern Sea otter

Northern Sea otter

Northern Sea otter


LatinEnhydra lutris kenyoni
Size148 cm
FoodBottom-living animals and large crustaceans
HabitatCoastal areas at kelpforest


LocationNorthern Pacific

World's densest fur

The Northern sea otter spends a great deal of time grooming its dense fur. This is how it ensures that the fur is waterproof. Unlike other marine mammals, the Northern sea otter does not have a thick layer of fat to insulate it against the cold water.

Good table manners

The Northern sea otter breaks open the hard shells of bivalves and crustaceans by using a rock. It lies on its back on the water's surface. Its belly acts as a table and the rock is its plate. Using its forepaws, the Northern sea otter pounds the food into the rock until the shells are crushed.

Obedience school at sea

The Northern sea otter is curious and easy to train. When animal trainers work with the Northern sea otter, the animals both become familiar with the trainers and their well-being is enhanced. At Den Blå Planet we use positive reinforcement. This means that every time the animal does the right thing, it is rewarded with an edible treat.

The coast of the Pacific