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Mata Mata

Mata Mata

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Tiger limia

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Redtail splitfin

Redtail splitfin

Redtail splitfin

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Montezuma swordtail

Montezuma swordtail

Montezuma swordtail

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Flash Pleco

Mata Mata

Mata Mata


LatinChelus fimbriata
Size45 cm
FoodSmall fish
HabitatSwamps and backwaters of rivers

Not evaluated

LocationThe Amazon Basin in South America


With a shell and head that look like bark and dry leaves, the mata mata turtle is hard to spot. It hides among tree roots and water plants, waiting for its prey: fish and insects.

Sucks in its food

The mata mata turtle lies in wait. When its prey is within reach, it juts out its head, opens its mouth and sucks the prey in. This is how it hunts.

A nose like a snorkel

The mata mata turtle is not a very good swimmer. Instead, it walks along the riverbed. It breathes by sticking its neck up to the surface of the water and using its nose like a snorkel. This is why it lives in shallow water.


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