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Iguazu Pleco

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Worm line peckoltia

Iguazu Pleco

Iguazu Pleco


LatinHypostomus sp.  "Iguazu"
Size30 cm
FoodBottom-living animals and algae

Not evaluated

LocationThis species is undescribed and this individual is caught as bycatch in Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

New species

We found this species of pleco in an aquarium shop in England. It had been caught in nature by mistake. Our aquarists soon realised that it was an entirely new and previously unclassified species.

Hopefully there are more

At the moment, we only have one Iguazu pleco, but we hope that another one will turn up at some point, as this would give us the opportunity to breed them. For now, this pleco helps us keep the aquarium free of algae.



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