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Green sea urchin

Green sea urchin


LatinPsammechinus miliaris
Size4 cm
FoodSeaweed and bottom-dwelling animals
Habitat0-100 meter depths on rocks, cliffs, bivalve beds and in seaweed

Not evaluated

LocationEastern Atlantic Ocean – from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean

Get to know the green sea urchin

The green sea urchin is a sea urchin that can be up to 4 cm in diameter. The green sea urchin's shell is flat. It is green or brown and the spines are short and green with violet-coloured tips.

Are sea urchins dangerous?

Danish sea urchins are not dangerous and you cannot be harmed by them. On the other hand, the tropical and subtropical sea urchins can have poisonous spines.

Meet a green sea urchin

You can encounter the green sea urchin on stone slopes in harbours and on the beach. The green sea urchin is common throughout Denmark. You can also find empty green sea urchin shells on the beach.