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Red piranha

Red piranha

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Banded leporinus

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Red Terror

Yellow-headed Poison Frog

Yellow-headed Poison Frog

Golden poison frog

Golden poison frog


LatinPhyllobates terribilis
Size4.5 cm


Its habitat is being destroyed because the rainforest is cut down.

LocationColombia, South America

Beautiful, colourful… and dangerous!

The bright colours of the yellowbanded poison dart frog look beautiful, but they aren’t meant to impress us. The colours serve as a warning to enemies to keep their distance because the frogs are poisonous.

Secret weapon of the Native American Indians

The yellow-banded poison dart frog got its name because Native American populations of South America used the poison from the frogs in their darts and arrows. The powerful nerve toxin can paralyse a victim instantly, making the darts and arrows extra deadly.

Should the aquarium staff be afraid of the poisonous frogs?

In the wild, the poisonous frogs create their deadly toxin by eating poisonous insects. At the National Aquarium Denmark, they are fed fruit flies, which means the frogs are quite harmless.

Jumping frog at large!

The yellow-headed poisonous dart frog loves to jump about, and here at the National Aquarium Denmark a frog will sometimes leap over the sides of the enclosure. But don’t worry! The frogs are not poisonous and the aquarium staff will make sure that any escaped frogs are caught again.

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