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Atlantic herring

Atlantic herring

European sprat

European sprat

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Common dragonet

Common dragonet

European sprat

European sprat


LatinSprattus sprattus
Size16 cm
HabitatThe ocean, close to coasts

Not evaluated

LocationNorth East Atlantic Ocean along the coasts of Europe and the Black Sea

Get to know the European sprat

The European sprat resembles the herring in both appearance and behaviour. You can recognise a European sprat by: the sharp belly scales with tips that point backward; larger scales than the herring; pelvic fins positioned further up on the body.

Shoal fish

There are several advantages to forming shoals: • More eyes discover more dangers • The opposite sex is never far away • Millions of silvery, shimmering fish in a huge shapeless mass make it difficult for predatory fish to focus on one individual fish • For the individual fish, there is a greater possibility of the neighbouring fish being eaten instead

A useful fish

The European sprat is used for fish-meal and fish oil. It is also sold as a perishable, as boneless herring or Norwegian sardines.

Catch a European sprat

The European sprat is found in all Danish waters. You may be lucky enough to hook a European sprat when you're fishing for herring.

Sandy bottom

Eelgrass in the Sound

Faroese bird cliff


Reef in the Pacific Ocean

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