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Dead mans fingers

Dead mans fingers


LatinAlcyonium digitatum
Size20 cm
HabitatOn stone and rocks in areas with strong water movement

Not evaluated

LocationEastern Atlantic

A dead man's fingers

Dead man's fingers is a species of coral. It lives in colonies with white, yellow or orange clumps of lobes that resemble hands or fingers. It grows to a height of 25 cm and approx. 3 cm in diameter.

A coral in cold water

Dead man's fingers is one of the few corals that can survive in cold water. It is a soft coral. Therefore it does not form reefs like coral with calcium carbonate skeletons. Unlike tropical corals, dead man's fingers do not live in symbiosis with algae and are therefore not dependent upon light to survive.

Take an excursion

You will have to go diving to see the Danish coral dead man's fingers. It is found attached to stones, shipwrecks and shells in water deeper than 15 meters, where there is insufficient light for algae. You may be lucky enough to find it washed up on the beach.