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Warty stonefish

Warty stonefish

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Orange-dotted tuskfish

Day octopus

Day octopus


LatinOctopus cyanea
Size120 cm
FoodClams, snails and crustaceans
HabitatTropical coral reefs


LocationPacific Ocean

Active during the day

Unlike other cephalopods, this one is most active during the day, where it is chasing food in the coral reef. The octopus eats crabs, fish, shrimp and various molluscs.


In the skin, the day octopus has a lot of cells that can change color. With them, it can camouflage itself to the bottom when in search of prey.

Hiding place

Once it has caught a prey, the day octopus retreats to its permanent hiding place. Outside of their hiding places one can often see piles of crab shells and other inedible parts of the prey.

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