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North pacific octopus

Cushion star

Cushion star


LatinHippasteria phrygiana
Size20 cm
FoodBottom-living animals and sessile animals
HabitatLives on flat sediment bottoms

Not evaluated

There is no studies on Cushion star is threatened in the wild

LocationNorth Sea

Get to know the rigid cushion star

The rigid cushion star can be recognised by its short arms and large, rigid disc in the middle of its body. Its upper surface is orange with short, round, white spines. Between them can be seen additional smaller spines. The rigid cushion star can become 20 cm in diameter.

The rigid cushion star in Denmark

The rigid cushion star is not very common in Denmark, but can be found at the hard bottom with a slightly muddy surface at depths of 20 meters in the northern part of the North Sea, the Skagerrak, the Kattegat and the northern Sound. You may be lucky and encounter a specimen washed up on the beach.

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