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Common seadragon

Common seadragon

Common seadragon

Common seadragon


LatinPhyllopteryx taeniolatus
Size46 cm
FoodZooplankton and small crustaceans
HabitatSeaweed meadows and coral reefs

Near threatened

LocationEastern Indian Ocean

The ocean's stick insect

The common sea dragon has leaf-like appendages all over its body. They make the fish look like swaying kelp fronds. This camouflages the common sea dragon and helps it avoid being eaten by other fish. The camouflage is so good that smaller fish seek protection by concealing themselves among the appendages of the common sea dragon.

Dad cares for the eggs

Just like the seahorse, a close relative of the common sea dragon, the male sea dragon incubates the eggs. The male has a spongy area, the brood patch, on the underside of its tail where the female lays her light pink eggs. The eggs are incubated here for 4-6 weeks until they are hatched.

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