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African clawed frog

African clawed frog

Six-banded Distichodus

Six-banded Distichodus

Congo tetra

Congo tetra

Ansorge's cichlid

Ansorge's cichlid

Butterfly fish

Butterfly fish

Snow Pleco

Snow Pleco

Sierra leone dwarf tetra

Sierra leone dwarf tetra

Chinese pond mussel

Chinese pond mussel


LatinSinanodonta woodiana
Size30 cm
HabitatRivers and lakes

Least concern

LocationPrimarily from the Amur River and Yangtze rivers in China

Hides well

The mussels often burrow into the gravel and only the gills are visible. The gills act as both a filter at the food intake and as a respiratory organ.

Purifies the water

The mussels eat floating algae and therefore ensure that the water is clear in our aquariums.

Getting older than most people think

Chinese pond mussels can reach an age of 12-14 years.

Not always welcome

Unfortunately, the Chinese pond mussel has been spread around the world with fish. It has therefore become an invasive species in many countries. Our mussels come from Indonesia, where this species is introduced as well.

Endangered species

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Malawi