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Cardinal tetra

Cardinal tetra

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Neon tetra

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Worm line peckoltia

Cardinal tetra

Cardinal tetra


LatinParacheirodon axelrodi
Size3.5 cm
FoodSmall crustaceans, insects and worms
HabitatForest streams and tributaries with dark water

Not evaluated

LocationThe Negro and Orinoco basins of the Amazon, South America

Reflections in the dark

The beautiful cardinal tetra does not produce light, but it does reflect sunlight with its scales. Although not much sunlight penetrates through the water, this light reflecting is still possible. The cardinal tetra's way of reflecting light can be compared with the way that a cat's eyes light up in the dark.

Colours confuse its enemies

One might think that strong colours that light up would make the cardinal tetra an easy prey. But in a dark stream, the cardinal tetra's colours confuse its enemies. Only the fish's stripes can be seen and not the outline of the fish.

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