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Blind cave fish

Blind cave fish

Parana Pinecone Pleco

Parana Pinecone Pleco

Blind cave fish

Blind cave fish


LatinAstyanax mexicanus
Size9 cm
FoodSmall crustaceans, insects and worms
HabitatUnderground caves and caverns

Least concern


A fish without eyes

The blind cave fish lives deep in dark caves in Mexico and Southern USA. It has adapted to a life lived in complete darkness, where it does not need to be able to see. The blind cave fish therefore lacks eyes. Over thousands of generations, the blind cave fish experienced ever-deteriorating vision.

An extra sensitive sense

The blind cave fish has a highly developed lateral line sense. Using this sense, the blind cave fish perceives even the smallest movements in the water by small, larger predators or other cave fish. The blind cave fish also registers stones, plants, and other things in the water, and uses its lateral line sense to avoid bumping into them.

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