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Warty stonefish

Warty stonefish

Blackspotted puffer

Blackspotted puffer

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Orange-dotted tuskfish

Blackspotted puffer

Blackspotted puffer


LatinArothron nigropunctatus
Size33 cm
FoodSponges, corals, crabs and sea urchins
HabitatCoral reefs

Not evaluated

LocationThe Indian Ocean and The Pacific

A water balloon

When a white-spotted puffer feels threatened, it puffs itself up by drawing water into its body. By doing so, it makes itself too large of a mouthful for most predatory fish. It can also puff itself up with air if it is pulled out of the water.

A strong bite

The white-spotted puffer has only four teeth. They are fused together in upper and lower plates. The white-spotted puffer uses its teeth to crush the shells of crustaceans and molluscs.

Pufferfish poison

The white-spotted puffer is extremely poisonous. The poison is found in the skin and the glands.

Fugu - the world's most dangerous dinner

Fugu is a Japanese dish made with pufferfish. But fugu can be your last meal if the fish isn't prepared properly by specially trained chefs, who know how to remove all the poisonous bits. Even though Japanese chefs undergo extensive training to become fugu chefs, there are still occasional deaths as a result of faulty fugu preparation.

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