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Red piranha

Red piranha

Banded leporinus

Banded leporinus

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Spotted algae eater

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Red Terror

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Yellow-headed Poison Frog

Banded leporinus

Banded leporinus


LatinLeporinus fasciatus
Size30 cm
FoodCrustaceans, worms, insects and plants
HabitatLakes and rivers

Not evaluated

LocationThe Amazon basin in South America

Confusing stripes

The banded leporinus can be recognised by its black stripes. The stripes on its head hide its eyes. This confuses its predators, which can’t distinguish head or tail on the fish, thus enabling it to escape.

Rabbit teeth

The banded leporinus has two long front teeth which it uses to dig snails out of their shells. Hence its scientific name Leporinus, which means “rabbit snout”.

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