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Atlantic herring

Atlantic herring

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Common dragonet

Common dragonet

Atlantic herring

Atlantic herring


LatinClupea harengus
Size45 cm
HabitatOpen waters from the surface to depths of up to 250 m

Least concern

Not endangered in nature

LocationNorth Atlantic Ocean and North Sea

Fragile scales

The Atlantic herring is difficult to keep in captivity. It easily loses its scales and can die from infections. The herring aquarium at Den Blå Planet is therefore specially designed to hold Atlantic herring. A constant water current runs around the aquarium to ensure that the herring don't swim into the glass and sides of the tank.


Atlantic herring live in shoals. The shoals can be enormous and are known as 'herring mountains' with many thousand tons of herring. Notice how the Atlantic herring in the herring aquarium move without bumping into one another. They can do this because they use all of their senses to maintain the correct position in the shoal.

A herring fart

Herring communicate with a farting sound. They don’t make the sound by passing gas like humans do. Instead, the sound is produced with air the herring swallow at the surface.

Catch a herring

Fishing for herring by boat offers an excellent opportunity to spend a cosy day with the family or friends while also experiencing the waters around Denmark. Herring fishing is easy and everyone can do it. Get on a tour boat, bring your pole and attach a snood and a jig. You can also rent fishing gear on the boat. On most tour boats, the skipper is very experienced in locating herring shoals.

Sandy bottom

Eelgrass in the Sound

Faroese bird cliff


Reef in the Pacific Ocean

An ocean of plastic

The coast of the Pacific