Voyage Around the Reef - The Secret of the Corals

As part of the coral reef exhibition at Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark, this special guided tour will provide you with a unique insight into the coral reef: the city of the ocean.

Concealed beneath the surface of the ocean, the coral reef teems with life. Even though the coral reefs cover take up less than 1% of the ocean’s surface, they form the habitat for 25% of all marine life. The guided tour celebrates the coral reefs, conveying their wonderful beauty, vulnerability and importance for the ocean.

Corals resemble a mixture of rocks and plants, but corals are actually thousands and thousands of tiny creatures, congregating in large colonies. It is their skeletons that help create the giant structures known as coral reefs.

Though the guided tour is based on our special coral reef exhibition, it will also take you on an exclusive tour of the areas behind the aquariums, including the keepers’ very own coral kindergarten down in the basement. You will also enjoy a close encounter with some of the countless creatures that live in and around the corals.

When: Every day all year round – call +45 4422 2254 to find out more.
Duration: 75 minutes.
Capacity: Up to 25 people.
Price: DKK 5,500 per group.
Language: This tour is only offered in English and Danish.
Booking: This tour must be booked at least one month in advance.