Tour of the 7 senses

“The best thing about the National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet’s tour of the senses is the contact with the animals.”

The most important human sense is likely our sense of sight. But underwater, things are different. Aquatic animals tend to use other senses much more. Some fish even use senses we don’t actually have. Even though humans “only” have 5 senses, this unique tour caters to 7 senses – including senses beyond all human experience!

Along the way, we step beyond the aquarium glass and subject our residents to a variety of influences, calling forth fast reactions and demonstrating the most important sense for each species.

On this tour, you will discover that there are just as many worlds as there are animal species and that a world without sound or light isn’t necessarily a poorer place. Our tour of the 7 senses allows you to explore the National Aquarium through the many different animal worlds.

When: Every day all year round.
Duration: 75 minutes.
Capacity: max 15 people per group – groups above 15 people will be divided into smaller groups
Price: DKK 4000, – up to 15 people. Thereafter, DKK 235, – per person.
Language: This tour is offered in both Danish and English.
Booking: This tour must be booked at least one month in advance.

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