Become a partner of Den Blå Planet and make a difference

Become a partner of Den Blå Planet and make a difference

Make a difference for the conservation of nature, sustainability, and the wonderful aquatic world, whilst gaining a strong exposure and activation platform for your customers, partners, and employees.

Become a partner of Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark and make a difference for the wonderful aquatic world. As a supporting ambassador, you will contribute to the important mission of creating a sustainable earth, and be a part of a strong narrative of engagement and action. See our partners.

Our Sponsorship Concept

Den Blå Planet offers a sponsorship and partnership product that is relevant and involved and gives our partners an opportunity to be a clear part of the sustainability agenda.

Together for the Planet

Nature conservation, a sustainable future, and the wonderful underwater world are key issues for us. These are the issues you support when you become a sponsor or partner, whilst also gaining experiences, networking, and branding. We scale your engagement and partnership to yield the optimal amount of branding and output.


We will create an agreement that ensures you receive the most value possible from your partnership with Den Blå Planet. From tickets, experiences, and conference rooms to networking days and concrete tools to work towards a more sustainable daily life.


Although a logo is important, we don’t just stop there. We provide opportunities to create a green profile video, as well as visibility in the exhibitions, on the website, and on your own channels.

Sponsorship and Partnership Levels

Choose between several levels of engagement and activation.

Profile Partnership with Den Blå Planet
From 150,000 DKK
Activation value from 75,000 DKK
Den Blå Planet Partner
From 50,000 DKK
Activation value from 25,000 DKK
Ambassador for Den Blå Planet
From 25,000 DKK
Activation value from 12,500 DKK
Support of Den Blå Planet
10,000/19,000 DKK
Activation value from 4,700 DKK

We Stand Strong

Our Key Issues

Take active ownership of one of our key issues

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark works daily on being an internationally recognized, modern culture, and tourist destination. Challenging our concepts of nature, we inspire passion for the wonderful underwater worlds, among both children and adults.

We do this by following our values of being stimulating, personal, enriching, and brave.

Den Blå Planet is one of Denmark’s top attractions, with more than 500.000 guests annually. Our stories are shared with our highly visited social media and network within the press.

We are a cultural institution with spectacular architecture, a state-of-the-art exhibition, and a nature-filled location, easily accessible by metro, highway, or airport.




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